Corporate company and commercial work

Client: SLC

Client: Choccywoccydoodah

Brief: Images to illustrate article about Brighton in WestJet Magazine.

Visitors with sweet treats in mind head straight to Choccywoccydoodah. The chocolate shop’s red-walled interior is like a well-curated art gallery lined with tall baroque cakes and tables teeming with confectioneries like fruit creams and chocolate popcorn lollies.

Spending her days making and selling these “crazy chocolates and cakes,” co-founder and die-hard Brighton fan Christine Taylor says the town is perfect for inventive enterprises. “This is such an artistic city, with tons of original thinkers.”

It’s that sugar-rich seam of creative energy that appeals to many visitors—and ensures there’s always something new to discover. Give yourself plenty of time to explore the hidden gems, says Taylor. “Afterwards, take a stroll along our seafront and meet some of the great people who live here,” she adds.

[This story appears in the July 2018 issue of WestJet Magazine]

Miller Bourne architects

Client: Miller-Bourne

Brief: To create lifestyle images for their website

This job was about creating images for the company’s new website. Working together with James the art director from Ground Nation who designed the site, Miller Bourne wanted good all round life style images of the designers, managers and admin staff at work. Showing them being creative efficient hard working and enjoying their environment. Miller Bourne are proud not only of their excellent standard of architectual work but also that the company provides a fun, secure and friendly atmosphere to work in, combining serious concentration and skill with a healthy amount of socialising thrown in for good measure. Great atmosphere = Great work !!!

The staff head shots all had to be taken at their offices during their busy schedules – so working with speed was essential here – not too much faffing around.

For this site I also shot a small film which adds a nice touch to their site.

Kind words from the Art director:

“Hi Moose – Great to see the Miller Bourne project on your blog, thanks for supplying me with great images for their new website – you made what can all too often be ‘dry’ content, contemporary and fun! great work.”

ASK Restaurant

Client: This is another example of a ” day in the life of ” kind of job

This is another example of a ” day in the life of ” kind of job