My Mum’s Nighties

Moose Azim’s mother died in an ambulance whilst being rushed to hospital.

These images were created on that same day and the subsequent few days. This was because the London flat belonging to a Housing Association who provide housing for those most in need, was urgently required  for the next tenant. The recurring photographs of nighties represent the shock and double take of sudden loss. The viewer is invited to contemplate the significance of what someone leaves behind and to reflect on the stories embedded within these objects.

Each copy is hand bound with a unique cyanotype strip created using the net curtains from Moose’s Mothers home and each also contains a 42cm x 29.7cm poster. The A5 Zine can be purchased here. A copy of the zine can be viewed at the Photobook Cafe 4 Leonard Circus EC2A 4DQ

One a day for a year

Every day ( almost ) for a year we committed to spending a few moments together mother and daughter, no matter the mood time of day or place to create a simple photograph.

At this tender age of 10 to 11 years children are developing a better sense of who they are in the world. It is typically when they transition into the beginning of adolescence and self consciousness. The look in her eyes are a diary of that time. In that one year there is a stark difference in the first and last image.