Moose Azim Photographer

No words are needed to make a connection.

Apparently only 16% of people read the whole “ about me page “ so I’ll be quick for those of you who  go against the majority and read it all !

An image can be the reason someone wants to find out more. I’ve been working as a photographer since 1996 ( with breaks to be with my kids ).

Over the years I’ve had experiences in many areas, now I mostly concentrate on supplying imagery for small businesses, charities and individuals. I usually get commissioned for branding imagery, portraits, website presence and visual story telling often with a life style natural element involved. My work is pretty truthful so I’m not the person to come to if you want flying pigs.

Take a look at my “Print Shop” to see some personal work to brighten up your home or office space.

I’ve recently been short listed for the Royal Academy Summer Show.

A little extra info:

I always have lip balm in my bag, which I believe is why my husband married me.

I feel naked if I don’t also have a pencil and a note book handy.

I was brought up in West London, my Dad came here from India and married my Scottish Mum.

When I was little we lived in Bangladesh and India for 2 years where we tasted sugar cane and  enjoyed the beauty of big fat family love. Now I live in Brighton UK with my American husband and two daughters, the rest of our  family are scattered all over the planet.

I spend a  lot of money on walking boots but hardly a thing on face cream, lucky my eldest always has  spare cream I can use.

Did you read it all and get to this point ? Congratulations.

I’d love to hear from you….



Moose Azim