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No words are needed to make a connection.

Apparently only 16% of people read the whole “ about me page “ so I’ll be quick for those of you who go against the majority and read it all !

An image can be the reason someone wants to find out more. I’ve been working as a photographer since 1996 ( with breaks to be with my kids ).

I mostly get commissioned by companies big and small to take Day in The Life / Story Telling kinds of images as well as Headshots. I also seem to be getting asked to do more 1:1 tutorials for those who need to take their own shots for their websites on a regular basis, especially Artists and Makers.

Take a look at my “Print Shop” to see some personal work to brighten up your home or office space.

This photograph was selected for the 2017 Royal Academy Summer show where the original sold on the Opening Night, I have 3 prints of the left limited edition still available to buy in the print shop.

A little extra info:

I always have lip balm in my bag, which I believe is why my husband married me.

I feel naked if I don’t also have a pencil and a note book handy.

I was brought up in West London, my Dad came here from India and married my Scottish Mum.

When I was little we lived in Bangladesh and India for 2 years where we tasted sugar cane and enjoyed the beauty of big fat family love. Now I live in Brighton UK with my American husband and two daughters, the rest of our family are scattered all over the planet.

I spend a lot of money on walking boots but hardly a thing on face cream, lucky my eldest always has spare cream I can use.

Did you read it all and get to this point ? Congratulations.

I’d love to hear from you….



Moose Azim