UK Paper Artist

Client: Lisa Lloyd

Meet the Paper Sculpture Queen Lisa Lloyd who produces paper artwork and sculptures for both commercial and private clients around the world. All of Lisa’s sculptures are made entirely from paper, sculpting the internal structures from card and embellishing with lighter more decorative papers. Lisa says a big part of the creative process is hunting out paper with interesting finishes and colours that will give the models a creative twist. Lisa takes inspiration from the design world, seeking inspiration from creative industries such as fashion, interiors and graphic design.
Here is Lisa is in action at her Hove studio working on making a life size bald eagle. I will go back to photograph Lisa later on in the process but for now enjoy this part of her dedication to detail as the big bird comes to life.

Lisa has featured in Elle Decor Italia, ‘Papercrafts – A Makers guide’ Thames and Hudson / V&A, ‘Super Science’ Scholastic New York, ‘Insectes’ magazine France, ‘Allt om Tidskrifter’ Sweden, ‘Tout Comprendre +’ France, ‘The Times’ newspaper, ‘Art’ magazine Scholastic New York.