Something of interest if you like abandoned sites !

My final post of this year is a strange choice but it happens to be the last shoot I did. Unexpected and without a much needed tripod in the dark insides and with one lens to use this is what I have to show you – these are taken by my daughter Blake and I.

Why are we here?

We have a lovely family in Tucson Arizona USA and we are here now on an end of year visit and this is what we came across.

The abandoned Phoenix Trotting Park:

20 miles from Phoenix – This beauty was built in the 1960s, with high expectations of being a popular venue to see horse racing, the race track was only used for two winter seasons before being abandoned in 1966. It sat unused for more than 30 years before being used in a brief scene in the 1998 Charlie Sheen film called “No Code of Conduct.” Apart from that this huge place has just been sitting there in the sun.


Up for sale if any of you are interested and have $16 million to spare –


abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-9307 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-9321 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-9325 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-9334 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-9352 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-9408 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-9411 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-8607 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-8597 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-8604 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-8606 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-8575 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-9422 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-9473 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-9469 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-9485 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-8630 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-9506 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-9514 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-9510 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-9539 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-9525 abandoned-phoenix-trotting-park-in-goodyear-arizona-8645