My top 9 for this year, well it is hard to find the TOP so I’m going to settle with these choices without too much fuss. I’ll be honest I’m quite happy say good bye to last year even though with the sadness came a year of intense appreciation for my loved ones, it was a year marked by loss, nostalgia, hard core reality and strength, facing up to some home truths, gratitude and forgiveness. This is a life long journey.

Photo number 1

Obviously I did not take this family portrait because that’s little me there in between my Mum and Dad – I have appreciated this portrait so much especially since my Mum dying in February 2019, I love to think of all those family portraits taken by many of us photographers over the years being treasured by families for ever. Now I wish I had more of these and  wish I had asked my Mum more about her decision to even organise this session. 

Photo 2 

OMG check out the style !! The 60’s were so flipping cool !!!! This is my Mum and her best friend who I called Auntie Norma. Both of these stunning beauties from Dundee Scotland went on to marry Indian men and have one daughter who is now a precious ‘cousin’ of mine. 

Photo 3

The year of Extinction  Rebellion – on this day in Trafalgar Square I also bumped into Martin Parr, he didn’t know who I was ha ha

Extinction Rebellion London Trafalgar Square

Photo 4

This is about friendship and support – location – London at the 100 Heroines Exhibition where I was grateful to show some from my project ‘ My Mums Belongings’ along with many fabulous photographers.

RPS 100 Heroines Exhibition Chelsea London 2019

RPS 100 Heroines Exhibition Chelsea London 2019

Photo 5

Would you believe this was the photo ( photo of a photo – again ) I chose as one of my most precious photos ever, the lighting is crap the quality probably isn’t great either but the meaning behind this is massive for me – more on this another day.

child's clothes on floor

Daughter’s clothes ready for school

Photo 6

You don’t have to be great at drawing to love it, it’s my way to relax.

life drawing

Drawing on holiday in no way is this my best I just want to show you it’s fun

Photo 7

Grateful for my beautiful daughters – would you believe by looking at this fair skin they are a quarter Indian ? Never judge by the cover ….

Photo 8

Yet another photo I wish I knew the story behind, this is my Mum when she was just 2 or 3 so this would have been taken around 1943. Colour Photography was expensive in those days so as you can see this one has been hand coloured. 

Photo 9

A very long road en route to route 66 California USA. Even a road going through nature especially with this much space around can bring you to that day dream state, especially in the passenger seat 🙂

Route 66 California 2019, 2020

Route 66 California