I had one and a half weeks to clear her flat before the new tenants moved in. During the rush and shock of it all I felt a deep need to photograph My Mum’s Belongings.

How much do your physical belongings reflect your inner world?  People make up their own interpretations and this is what I have been doing. I first photographed some of my Mums nighties back in 2015, they were my Mums daily uniform and are now part of the bigger body of work including collections of watches, carefully folded carrier bags and fans.

The physical act of placing these loved items in front of my camera is helping me to process the feelings I have no words for, and to see her as a whole person other than the relationship I had with her as her daughter. I’m still on this journey, any feedback through DM’s emails or texts are really welcome – l0vE to you all Moose x