Hello my precious Blog friends,

So January has been and gone and I hope you all had a cosy time.

It seems that January has a bad reputation but I love it, it feels like a fresh start but without the pressure of the times when when things are supposed to be a certain way like at Christmas ….. anyone else get that?

You lot are special to me because I know you are here, thank you for all your messages and for the ones you put in the comments section below – 🙂 very appreciated.

Because I know that many of you are not on instagram I thought I’d share a few instagram pics with you. I am curious to hear from you about how these look as a collection I’ve been giving my IG ( instagram )  a bit of extra thought lately and would appreciate your opinions. These questions may help you. Please either comment below or email me. 🙂

1. Do you see a cohesive voice is so why or if not why?

2. Is is obvious that I sell prints for wall? I know you know I take photos for websites etc.

3 Do you like the balance of personal and business or would you change that and which direction?

I know how precious everyones time is so a Massive thank you in  advance 🙂 to anyone who takes the time to help me here.

Happy to be connected x x x Keep well for Feb.

l0vE Moose x

Instagram images

Instagram thoughts

These are cut out by hand and I’ve been re arranging them on my table – quite fun if you have the time.

Instagram screen grab

Instagram images

Instagram images

Instagram photos

Wondering about Instagram

Instagram photos