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Over the past year or so you may have seen these on my instagram, or even as part of the Hundred Heroines Exhibition in London and Blackpool. I’ve been amazed and grateful to those of you who have shared your feelings and thoughts on how a simple image or a preloved piece of clothing can evoke such deep emotion.
This has given me the idea to offer “My Mums Nighties” out into the world in the form of limited edition prints. Each Nightie is a limited edition of 50 and there are 9 to choose from. ( See my Shop in menu above )
Photographer Bernice Abbott once said “Photography helps people to see” and oh yes I can relate to that and I bet many of you feel that way too. Taking photos of my Mums belongings when she died has helped me process so much. I have to add that I also took part in some Muslim rituals which I believe helped more, I’d love to share those with you too but this will be for another time. Photography is a way to express deep feelings and needs without using words, I thank the person who said this to me “ these delicate quiet photos stir loud emotions I can’t find words for”

This is a good time to big up Living Well Dying Well from whom I gained much support.

Print of My Mums Nightie