Hello Dear friends Welcome to February,

Our challenge has been to stay home, I wonder have you joined an online community? Are you Zooming ? Are you overworked? Are you finding new joy? Are you missing seeing your friends? How are you finding your way around this new not so new way of life ! I will always see your comments and will answer you on here – I hear you 🙂 

Have you found that you want to tell all your friends you are thinking of them even if you don’t always have the time to call, I have always been a fan of the old fashioned postcard so I’ve made some for you to buy and send in the post.

What a really easy and adorable way to keep in touch and bring a smile to a friend, colleague or loved one’s face.

 All you have to do is write your short message, pop a stamp on, and take a walk to your nearest postbox. Walking is a time to daydream.

Price are affordable because  a little regular “ hello “ can be easy and fun.

To order:

Simply send me a message using this email moose@mooseazim.com, with your address, how may packs you’d like ,and pay to the account below.

Summer Play #2 x4 £6.00

Flags in August Rain #3 x4 £6.00

Pink ( My Mums Nighties )  x4 £6.00

Oh and as its February I have a few Heart greeting cards @ £3.00 ( free postage ) 

Payment Details

moose azim

Sort 09 01 27

Account Number 46381479

Custom made and limited edition prints are in my Print Shop here :https://www.mooseazim.com/print-shop/ 

Nominate more images to make in to post cards from  instagram  or my print shop. https://www.mooseazim.com/print-shop/

Flags in August Rain #3

Flags in August Rain #3

Summer Play#2

Summer Play#2



Back of Postcard

Back of Postcard

Heart Card