Summer Loving is hanging on, this heat wave of 2018 has been pure joy

Hope you had time to soak up the rays, get your full quota of vitamin D, feel the warm night air on your skin and take notice all the smiling faces that come out in the summer months.

I’ve been going down memory lane whilst gathering and clearing out unused possessions, things my girls no longer need and I have been keeping hold of as if they will suddenly become younger again, old cameras I will not use again, darkroom equipment, clients notes, paintings from loved ones, the list goes on. Apologies in advance if you see any item here that you have given me. I promise I have preloved them all. Now it’s time to make  space for the new joys to come into my life, to bring calm, peace and clarity, well actually no the truth is I’m really making room for all the stuff that has no where to go and just gets in the way. This is a time when you come across unfinished projects, solid paints, non stick disasters, notes with the same repeated ideas jotted down, it seems the work I have not done screams louder than the ones completed – umm I can see why not tackling the clutter is a good option, you don’t have to face all your unfinished jobs and dreams. Do tell your story…..