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Darling Friends, How is summer treating you ? Summer, yes this is it !!!

 I’d like to share that I have finally published an A5 zine called My Mum’s Nighties.

This publication is a short reflection on the belongings  in my mum’s flat the week she died, it made me question the importance of the items we leave behind. 

When I received the phone call that my mum had died suddenly, we rushed to the hospital. I took photos along the way from Brighton to London and then more photos in my mum’s flat with no plan of what I’d do with these images.

Here are a few photos from that day that are not in the zine but show a section of the day….. the day I can hardly remember. We had to act fast to move everything out of the flat because new tenants were already waiting to occupy it ! 

I want to say thank you to you for being with me on this journey, graciously giving me your time and love. 

I’ve learned that many of you have also been inspired to create photos of your parents homes at this poignant and sad confusing time, I am curious to why we do this, are we holding memories of the past, are we trying to remember the feeling of the shock when ‘it’ happened, are we recording our existence ? Even though I am sharing this I have to acknowledge that there is an uncomfortable feeling attached. 

A reference to look at if this subject interests you is:

“The camera creates images of death, time and memory; we see these elements in almost every photograph. There is always the passage of time, there is always memory, there is always death. Death, time and memory are interdependent; they are inseparable, they are the three sides of the triangle of existence. Time is death and memories are bound to time.”  by Gary Kissiah

sending love to you today ….. moose 

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No Exit Sign on door in hospital

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old black and white family photo in India

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