Tuscon – Downtown Clifton Hotel

If it wasn’t true I would not have believed it possible … 22 years after saying “I do” we celebrated by booking a night at the fab Downtown Clifton Hotel, here we are in the first pic, ( dont know who the couple are standing in front of us.) !!!

We were given a grand tour of this new place in the heart of downtown Tucson by Cliff himself, shown here as a silhouette.

This venue used to be a motel back in the 50’s, in 2014 is was renovated to perfection with each suite styled by Cliff who has the most impeccable taste. A neat added extra if you are a guest here you get vouchers to use in some specially chosen establishments in the area …. we ate breakfast at the 5 Points Market just walking distance from the Downtown Clifton.

The night before we drank at a place where each drink sounded and tasted like a poem. Assuming you could eat your words !!!